Monday, September 29, 2014

2 subjects, 30 photographs

 This image is a personal favorite of mine. The element of anonymousness associated with the subjected person adds an interesting element to the image. I edited this photo by increasing both the color contrast and the brightness to add more texture to the image. Also, I leveled the lines of the image to draw attention to the multiple and definitive lines. Link to the original:
 This image is particularly interesting to me. We have on the right side, a man who symbolizes the faults of our culture. He is blocked by this thick stone wall, and attempting to numb his pain with the alcohol in his right hand. However, he is only a side note on the overall message conveyed by this image. I edited this image by removing distracting lines and edges, and tweaking colors to perk interest in the viewer. Link to the original unedited:
This image adds an alternative view to the original subject. Because it is a close up, it causes the viewer to take into account the subtitles of this object. Specifically the multiple shades and colors that are embodied by this object. In this edit, I increased color contrast and depth so that each element of the image was depicted. Link to the original unedited:

 This image was taken under the cover of night using a low light lens. I then increased the warmth and saturation of the image to try to create a newly creative color scheme. I also added a blurred boarder to minimise distractions that would have been applied by the background. This image is a favorite of mine because it offers a unique prospective on an already interesting subject

This image offers a slightly blurred depiction of a spider in its web. The interesting color schemes and filters encourage the viewer to look at the subject from multiple prospectives and take into account the variables that occur. I decided to edit this image in this way because I thought it showed many different dimensions of the photo that would have otherwise been unexposed.

This last image displays a unique color scheme that is not only appealing to the viewers eyes, but also inflicts many physical feelings and senses. I decided to edit this image in this way because I thought that it offers a unique prospective to this photograph, and allows the viewer to feel the image rather than just see it

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