Monday, February 23, 2015

Project 6

This image depicts several shots of bare tree branches overlooking the Willamette river. By layering these multiple images together, I was able to transform what was a boring image into an interesting web of of shadows and lines. The contrast in shades is emphasized by the constant grey background, and the multiple layers of the same subject. I especially like this image because it takes a cold, lifeless subject and transforms it into an intricate body of life. This image exemplifies the power of multiple exposer layers, and displays its ability to transform scenery.   

This HDR is an explicit example of how layering exposers can create a surreal feeling within any given image. I especially like this piece because it takes a fairly normal depiction of the St. Johns bridge, and gives it a science fiction type of feel. The outlines of many subjects are lined with a frost like overcast, that creates a greater contrast when compared to darker shadows. The lush green grass is contrasted to the frosty cold hills above the bridge, however they share a common theme of surrealism. 

This Panorama consists of singular images of the Hawaiian sunset, that were than stitched together using photoshop. I especially like this image because of the way the color shifts from orange to blue as you read across the image from left to right. The clouds overhead reflect individual moods, however when held next to each other they seem to flow together like a river. This image is in keeping with the common theme of surrealism, and uses the natural colors of the landscape to convey two contrasting feelings.   

Other Photos of Interest: 


HDR (1)
Multiple Exposer