Sunday, October 26, 2014

Project 2: Best 8

 Filling the frame: I chose this image for my filling the frame example because I feel like it offers a unique balance of colors and shades that really evokes profound feelings for the viewer. The vignette helps to draw focus and minimize noise, while the edited color scheme brings out the vivid textures and shades.
Close up: I chose this image as my close up because I really enjoy the saturated colors and smooth textures of the subject. The "up close" style and blurred background emphasizes the explicit details of the object, and draws attention to the subjects high saturation.

 Leading lines: This image was taken in the "tunnels" of our school. The pipes are explicit examples of leading lines, and draw the viewers attention to a common point. I chose this image because I really enjoy the way the light reflects of the surroundings, and creates interesting shadows and shades.

 Diagonals: This image was taken down town, and depicts the diagonal edge of a stone building and the lines imbedded in its outer walls. I chose to make this image black and white because I thought it does a good job of minimizing distractions and conflicting shades. I also took into account the many concrete angles offered by this image.
 Bugs eye view: this image is an explicit example of a bugs eye view. It embodies the tall buildings of the city and the nuance associated with that, as well as the old authenticity of the antique street light. The colors of the grey sky provide an interesting contrast with the street light and tall buildings.
 Rule of thirds: This is perhaps my favorite image in my collection. The dark shades and soft textures of the sky contrast with the sharp angles and bright colors of the building, enabling an interesting sense of balance and colorization.
Birds eye view: While this image may not be the typical birds eye view style, I believe that captures an profound prospective of our city that makes this image very unique. The colors of the building and the shades of the sky contribute to the interesting color scheme of the image, and also account for the complexities embodied by the image.
Frame within the frame: This image depicts a view of the ocean through the eye of a large cave on the beach. I chose to make it black and white because it helps to enhance the reflective properties of the sones, as well as to reduce distracting lights the would otherwise be present.

Project 2: Contact sheet

In project two, we had the opportunity to explore different framing techniques and composition styles. Below, I have posted my contact sheets which depict both original and edited versions of pictures I took with the intention of meeting class requirements.