Friday, December 12, 2014


The following images are all examples of picture based kaleidoscopes. Each one is a variation of an image I have taken, that has been rotated, colored and filtered in any combination of several different techniques. For this particular project, I experimented with photoshop. By doing so, I has able to create several unique kaleidoscopes, all of which have been posted below.


Diptychs and Triptychs

This image is a combination of three separate images taken durring natures fall season. I particularly like this image because it draws a parallel between the naked branches and the warm fall leaves. Although they are all compositionally different, their similarities are displayed positioning them in close proximity to eachother.
This image while similar to the one above in theme, embodies apposing qualities in that it displays contrasting seasons. The warmth of the orange leaves is held in comparison to the lush green moss and ice cold pine needles. In this instance, the contrasting colors contribute to convey different moods by themselves. That are then emphasized by the comparison of the three separate images.
This image displays an abstract scheme of similarities in both the circular subjects and the colors that surround them. Upon the initial view of the image, very few similarities are visible. However, as you look deeper, both images share introverted colors and shapes.  
This diptych compares two different sections of Portland's own water front, one durring the day and one durring night. Their opposing color schemes are directly contradicting, however their similarities are emphasized by their shared water line.

Project 4: Images

Contrast In texture:
Within this image, I made sure to capture the contrast in texture between the soft fuzzy moss and the hard smooth wood. In this particular instance, I found it challenging to find a subject that conveyed the necessary requirements for the assignment but still appeared to look natural and unforced. The end result yielded a clear and concise image that I find very interesting.     

In this image, symmetry is conveyed by a reflecting line spanning the horizontal width of the image. Underneath it, a symmetrical copy of the sunset is mirrored by the soft silty sand of the beach at low tide

Radial Balance:
In this image, radial balance is ported by the expanding colors of a night time ferris wheel. The contrast between the bright lights and the pitch black darkness contribute to make a sharp and interesting image. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Balance and Contrast

Contrast of Texture: Contrast in Texture 
The smooth textures of the frog show distinct contrast when compared to the sharp rigid lined of the leaves. Because the subjects share identical colors, their comparison is heightened by the opposite textures they share.

 Contrast in Color Color: Cassandra Warner 
The sharp vibrant orange color is held in great contrast when compared to the cool and mild colors in the background
Scale Contrast: Oleg Oprisco
This image conveys great contrast of scale by bringing emphasis to the smaller size of the women, and comparing that to the broad and open background of the ocean. 
 Symmetrical Balance: Camilla Carlow 
In this image, the subject is divided into two distinct sections, both of which are almost identical and displayed symmetrically about the background. In addition, the stem brings emphasis to the fact that the subject is one unified object. balanced symetrically 
Radial Balance: Whitney Wagoner 
In this image, radial balance is displayed by the expansion of the subject from the center outward