Thursday, November 20, 2014

Project 3: Color and Grids

Project Summary: Our third project challenged us to experiment with grids and colors. In this instance, we chose several interesting pictures and manipulated them in ways that created newly unique images in form of a grid. In addition, we experimented with the impact of different colors and tones on the overall mood conveyed by an image. We created monochrome, color harmony and color complement grids, all offering a uniquely interesting image quality This project was especially interesting and artistic, and opened my eyes to a new spectrum of digital photography.

Monochrome Grid:
The concept of a monochrome grid implies that there is only one concise color present throughout the entirety of the image. The image above is a picture I took at the Portland farmers market of a crate of apples. I than edited the image to make it black and white, thus implying a sort of "chrome" effect. At that point, I began to rotate and crop the image, before finally inserting it into a custom template I made. I chose to compose the image in this way because I felt as though the multiple views of the subject offered an interesting prospective when all put together. This template allowed me to carryout these concepts in a clear and concise way

Color harmony :
The image above represents my personal take on a color harmony grid. A color harmony grid, by nature, is a grid that embodies two or more colors in close relation too each other. In my case, I chose purple and blue. The original image was a bugs eye view of a street sign which I then colored and rotated accordingly to my custom template. After completing this grid, I most enjoyed the illusional effect that came about by rotating the subject. This is one of my favorite grids because it fulfilled the project requirement, but also allowed plenty of room for me to apply my own artistic impressions.

Color Complements:
Color complement grids are ones that use two or more colors that are defined by natural contrast on the color wheel. For the image above, I decided to use red and green in the spirit of the holiday season. The image above is a bugs eye view of a tree and its trunk which I then Cropped, colored and rotated accordingly to fulfill the project requirement. I really enjoyed creating this image because it allowed for me to explore a more abstract thought process that still managed to yield a concise and organized produce

Color Mood Image:
The image above uses delicate and whimsical colors to create a peaceful, and somber mood. While the colors do significantly impact the mood inflicted by the image, The overall image presence is also dramatically effected by the blacked out background. By doing this, the viewers attention is drawn towards the subject and the colors it embodies. Overall this image is very powerful, and radiates a profound mood for the viewer.

Personal Choice Grid:
I really enjoyed making this grid because I created it with no boundaries or guidelines. I was able to create a beautiful product that thrives off of the profound detail and color of the image. The sharp edges and angles of the subject helped to make it unique, well the bright greens and contrasting dark shades helped convey an electric mood.

Other grids of Interest:
(The grids below are also worth looking at)


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Color Post

Color Wheel:
This color wheel displays primary secondary and tertiary colors

Mood Image: Benson Kua
The image above uses dark and hazy tones to further illustrate the somber mood presented by the image. The original image, while still conveying a dark mood, was further enhanced by editing. Desaturating the colors, limiting exposer and lessening the sharpness of the image contributed to make it especially mysterious and eerie. I especially like how the composition of the image focuses on the path way, which mysteriously leeds into the mist. Overall, this image is very well taken and edited, and conveys a very profound mood.