Sunday, April 12, 2015

Portraiture Pre Work

Fine Art Portraiture 
The images below are some of my favorite examples of fine art portraiture. My interest in these photos stem from their creative nature as well as their stunning composition. I particularly like these images because they use variations in textures and lighting to add character to the people they use as subjects.  The use of tools like poses, hand gestures and skin complexions contribute to shape the way the audience perceives each image and the characters within them. Within both of these works, the viewer is able to make inferences, create ideas and read a unique story told by each photograph. 

Lee Jeffries 
    Eric Lafforgue

I consider the magazine covers below to be successfully composed and well done. I specifically like how they use shapes and background colors that complement the subjected people and clothing in each image. By doing this, each cover is visually appealing and attention grabbing in its own unique way. The way that the foreground and background interact with each other  contributes to make each magazine look enticing sleek. I also like how these covers are able to incorporate art within news and media.

There are many similarities and differences shared between fine art and magazine portraiture. Successful examples of fine are portraits  convey a specific feelings and usually seem as though they would fit in under the lights of an art gallery. Why similar expressions can be found in magazine portraiture, most examples of this incorporate studio based - artificial feelings that lack creativity and character (characteristics that are found within fine art).

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