Monday, December 1, 2014

Balance and Contrast

Contrast of Texture: Contrast in Texture 
The smooth textures of the frog show distinct contrast when compared to the sharp rigid lined of the leaves. Because the subjects share identical colors, their comparison is heightened by the opposite textures they share.

 Contrast in Color Color: Cassandra Warner 
The sharp vibrant orange color is held in great contrast when compared to the cool and mild colors in the background
Scale Contrast: Oleg Oprisco
This image conveys great contrast of scale by bringing emphasis to the smaller size of the women, and comparing that to the broad and open background of the ocean. 
 Symmetrical Balance: Camilla Carlow 
In this image, the subject is divided into two distinct sections, both of which are almost identical and displayed symmetrically about the background. In addition, the stem brings emphasis to the fact that the subject is one unified object. balanced symetrically 
Radial Balance: Whitney Wagoner 
In this image, radial balance is displayed by the expansion of the subject from the center outward

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